Free- and Full-Version in the Market now!

From now on there will also be a paid version of Wood Games 3D!

People talking to me might ask why I decided to go this step. First I have to say that adverts actually generate no money. So I actually did not get a single cent out of this and still wait to climb the minimum amount of $/€ .

I like the game and I like to see that there are some verterans that also play the game like crazy. I hope that I don’t shoo them with a paid version so I made the conditions more than fair. At least I think this.

What can the paid-version what the free-version cannot?

First it is ad-free and you get access to ALL daily world championships. That means that the free version have to take a break every 4th day. So everyone still have the chance to compete. To make it clear, you still have the chance to play the world championship with the free version! But on have to pause for one day! I hope that is fair enough to everyone. Additional all people supporting me by purchasing the full game get an icon that is shown in the Hall of Fame or the daily world championship infront of their name to show the world that they are willing to help me keep on going with making games.

And now lets compete :D

Here is the link to the full version:

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Another nice review by “Indie Game News”

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Let’s conquer the web!

Finally I created an applet-based version of “Wood Games 3D”! Check it out on this three different sites:

Cookie-Version Google-Plus version Facebook-App

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Wood Games – Review

Wow, I was totally flashed when I found by accident a review of Wood Games (at that moment still called “Wood Olympics”). I was a bit nervous as that was a very new experience and comparable watching my favorite football team in a very important match… :D Thx to pechonkina for doing the review:

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New Trailer

The new “Wood Games”-Trailer:

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Changing Names!?

As another game developer told me that I might get problems with using the word ‘Olympics’ in my title I searched the internet and have to say that he is right. And even though I don’t think Wood Olympics would get into trouble I think about changing the name to “Wood Games”. Any suggestions or comments about the title are appreciated…

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Still Wood Olympics!

Ok, I switched the website to blog-mode again! I think this makes much more sense and I can use this as something like a dev-blog!

Still or again the main-theme: “Wood Olympics”. I can’t believe that it is already July and I wonder what I have done the whole time and why “Wood Olympics” is still not ready. Well, maybe because it seems to be impossible to me to focus on one thing! :D Nevertheless, it seems that the end is really close. At least that I say it is feature-complete.

Today I sorted out 3 bugs:

  • challenges for the new ‘cross’-discipline are now possible
  • sling run doesn’t kill the application (sry, guys)
  • and most important the Sling Shot is fair now

Even though I tried to keep the whole game same for every device “Sling Shot” was not. The smaller the device-screen the bigger the target. That made it really much more simple and explains that incredible results. I fixed that now but I’m unsure if I should delete the whole leaderboard or just let it be…I tend to delete the leaderboard to have a fair and compareable score again. Sry for that.

Here some comparable shots:

This was the size I wanted it to be:

And this is the size that let me say it is unfair compared to the tablet users…

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Wood Olympics

As you see in the header something is different! I decided to change the title from “Wood Olympics” to “Woodland Olympics 3D”. “Wood Olympics” sounds too much like lumberjack games. I hope the new title won’t do that. Second the “3D” in the title was taken to show just from seeing the title it is a 3D game. Even though there are lots of 3D games in the android market a 3D game is always worth a look…Might be a wrong sight :D

Ok, what happened ingame? First of all a social community plugin that handles highscores and achievements was included. At the moment this is openfeint but that will change the next days. Scoreloop seems to have much more features and a more mature android-plugin. So there will be challenges between two friends included as well. From now on there will be an additonal running discipline with different type of circuits that you have to finish as fast as possible with gaining speed,jumping and rolling. For the next milestone 4 running competitions are planned.

Actually that’s it. Doesn’t seem that much but there were much works in the engine to make the upcoming development much faster. Hopefully the next milestone can be released to the market this sunday or monday(28th feb).

Here is a direct link to the market:

Or follow this qr:

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Two games in the pipe

The website is still not setup very well cause there is lots to do as tomaga has two different games in the pipeline. Both featuring our nice allstar Loxandra (short: Lox).
One game is “The Wood Olympics” that was already send as first shot to the market. Since then there were lots of fundamental works at the engine that will been
used for the second game that will be produced in parallel “Lox – Rebel of the Wood”.

Feel free to comment whatever you want or post your suggestions about features that should be included.

Latest View on Wood Olympics:

and Lox – Rebel of the Wood:

Now I’m heading to GGJ’11 to cologne and won’t have time unitl thuersday. But from then on, full velocity! Yeah!

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Welcome to ToMaGa!

Welcome to the World of ToMaGa! For the people wondering about the silly name tomaga, it stands for “ToM Makes Games” :D Well, the child needs a name and I took this one :D ! Logo is just a first draft,…

This site is still underconstruction!!

Stay tuned and have a look at my dev-blog instead.

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